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like the circles that you find in the windmills of your mind

A series of 25 images, each one inspired by a song that has a connection to colour, either in the song title or the lyrics, or in some cases a there is a slightly more abstract connection.

When I started this set I decided to name each image with an excerpt of 4 words from the lyrics (I like to give myself a set of specific rules to work to!) I think the titles work well individually and give a clue as to their origin, but an unintended development meant that when put into a particular order as a whole, they tell a story of their own. (See video below).


The circles themselves were originally created in the darkroom as black and white luminograms, the colours are added digitally and then reproduced as limited edition prints on metallic c-type paper producing a high gloss, vibrant and 3-dimensional feel.

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